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The Best of Everything Combined Into One Solution

RackSpace Hosting: - Sparing no expense, all clients are hosted at RackSpace's Zero-Downtime network. This includes free nightly managed backups.

Virtual Dedicated Servers - State of the Art Virtual Dedicated Servers provide the industry's best security, reliability, and speed. And for less than others charge for just shared plans.

Latest Hardware: - We upgrade to the latest hardware every year. This year, thanks to the constant improving of technology and decreasing costs, we were able to give clients 4 times CPU power than last year... at no charge! (sharing is caring)

Knowledgeable Support Staff: - With 100% Virtual Dedicated Server client base, you can be sure we know alot others don't about managing and maintaining Virtual Dedicated Servers.

Fast, Stable, Secure
Only the best. You get a state of the art Virtual Dedicated Server at Rackspace, a managed Tier1 5-star data center with redundant OC-3 lines and nightly backups. This includes your own independent Linux OS, dedicated RAM, CPU, Hard Disk space, Raid 10 level hard disk arrays, private email server, ftp access, and much more.

More for Less
Most vendors only offer shared hosting where you are one of 200 or more sites on the same computer, sharing the operating system and computer resources, vulnerable to any security or performance issues any one of those sites could be responsible for. Most use Raid5, not Raid10 which is much more costly but higher performance. Many count swap file space as RAM, giving you less real RAM than you think!

PC Magazine

Reports on Why VPS is Superior to Shared Hosting - click here

Hosting Highlights

  • State of the Art Virtual Dedicated Servers for each client provide more speed, security, and reliability than shared servers.
  • Linux operating systems (not resource hogging windows)
  • Nightly Backups
  • Dual Intel Quad Core Xeon Processors
  • Dedicated 256 MB Physical RAM
  • Raid 10 level Hard Drive arrays
  • Dedicated 5 GB Hard Drive Space
  • Dedicated Private Mail Server
  • Dedicated Web Mail
  • Dedicated Private MySql Server
  • No database size limit - (others limit this in their fine print!)
  • Dedicated Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus
  • Dedicated ProFTP Server
  • Dedicated Site Statistics
  • Add incremental resources (optional)
  • Instantly Scalable incrementally to full dedicated servers

Private Server Feature Highlights

True VPS: Our software was made specifically for our advanced hosting environment, which provides a true virtual private server (VPS), using advanced technology called Virtuozzo from SW-Soft. Our virtual dedicated servers eliminate the security and reliability and performance issues inherent with shared hosting. Your environment will have all of the benefits of a server fully dedicated server, at a fraction of the price since most clients only need a fraction of a modern server's true horsepower. Setup and management of virtual dedicated servers are more costly than shared servers, but we think you deserve the best and we labor to bring that to you at a price you can afford!

System backups: All plans have daily automatic system backups. Your entire environment is saved to a high capacity disk array, with a retention period of a minimum of seven days. Our sophisticated backup management system allows us to restore your entire environment from one of these backups in a very short period of time.

Private Mail Server: With our service, each account has it's own private mail server. This will ensure that you are not impacted by anyone else's mail traffic. There is no limit on the number of messages you send or receive.

Dedicated IP address: Each hosting plan is issued one or more dedicated IP address for it's exclusive use. This means that your domain will not be at risk for blacklisting should someone else send out a spam blast. You can add dedicated IPs for subdomains and additional sites you may want to host, no charge.

Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus: With Linux, the risk of a virus infecting your environment are minimized. To ensure that mail is not passed through via the mail and file systems, we use the Clam AV anti-virus program to screen all traffic to and from your server. You account has it's own instance of the Spam Assassin or DSPAM anti-spam program.

MySQL: All hosting plans have access to a private, integrated instance of the MySQL database server at no extra charge. Disk space used is counted against the plan allowance. Competitors cap this at 100-500MB which really is not that much.

Web Mail: The easy to use anywhere access Open Web Mail or IMAP compliant Horde (IMP) Web Mail interface is included with every plan. You can connect to it with Outlook, other mail clients, even PDAs.

ProFTP Server: This popular FTP server is included allowing bulk file uploads with ease.

AWStats: Outstanding web site traffic report showing visitors, page views, referral sources and other statistics, see sample. Many clients now additionally link in to Google Stats, an excellent and free version of the venerable and expensive Urchin Stats (bought out by Google).

FormMail: FormMail is a popular HTML page to mail gateway program. It will allow you to capture information via a form and pass that data on through a mail message. You can have as many forms that submit information via email as you wish. You can easily create any questions and options you need to. Our version is also hardened against web bots to keep your emails private and free from spam.

Site monitoring: We have two types of monitoring - 1) protocol and 2) web page. For protocol monitoring we will periodically make a request to a specific protocol. If the protocol does not respond, an alarm is initiated. For web page monitoring, we will periodically access a specific web page and attempt to read text found on the page. If the text is not found an alarm is initiated. When an alarm is initiated we will alert you automatically or take action to restart the application for you.

SSL: 128 Bit 1 & 2 Yr Comodo Pro line (the most popular), Thawte, and Verisign Certificates are available as well and we can also install other SSLs brands of your choice, should you have/buy them.


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