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QuickBooks Integrated Shopping Cart Features

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The Best of Everything Combined Into One Solution

QuickBooks Integration: - Unparalleled QuickBooks integration that is interwoven into every facet of the store. Numerous built in options tailor the system to your business and clientele.

Right for you - Whether you are a wholesaler, manufacturer, retailer or mutliple storefront operator, we have the performance & features that you have been looking for..

Design Flexibility: - Industry standard HTML, CSS, XSLT, and JavaScript facilitates professionals in rapidly achieving a custom look combined with detailed access to QuickBooks data.

Complete Package: - We include Virtual Dedicated Servers, the most comprehensive support + we listen to our customers needs and provide free updates with all plans.


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Key Features

  • Automatic bi-direction QuickBooks Synch
  • Unlimited Items
  • Real Time Inventory capable
  • Great features for Wholesalers & Retailers
  • Flexible Order Payment
  • Save as SalesOrders or Invoices
  • Full Customer History

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  • QuickBooks Link
  • Orders
  • Items
  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Shipping
  • Payments
  • Promotions

General Features at a glance

  • QuickBooks integration that is second to none. Our synchronization works even for customers with 70,000 or more items. Our detailed integration options save you more time and inject orders and customers that are more accurate and completely filled in that anyone else.
  • Rackspace hosted state of the art Virtual Dedicated Servers provide more speed, security, and reliability than shared servers. Unlike others, we offer virtual servers with our plans ... bringing you top notch power at an affordable price. Others charge $300/mo or more to use their cart with similar spec virtual servers!
  • Item Management Wizards to help you quickly manage even large numbers of items:
    • Categorize Products in one or more categories
    • Create categories and subcategories
    • Rename categories on the fly and items automatically update on their own!!! Big time saver.
  • Image Wizards - Supply one image for a product and our image wizard will do the rest, producing resized optimized high quality thumbnails, standard, and hi-res versions. It even matches pictures to items for you, offers time saving inheritance features and support pu to three additional image sets per product.
  • 80+ Item related options
  • Unlimited Categories and depth of subcategories
  • Features specifically for wholesalers and distributors to hide prices and control new customer sign ups
  • Multiple store fronts - Get more sales, empower sales reps, focus on key product lines
  • Promotional features like: Newsletters,Coupons,Quantity Discounts, Wishlists, Registries, Saved carts and more.
  • and much more...

QuickBooks Link

Others breeze over this subject because they actually don't do very much with QuickBooks at all.Here are some top points regarding our integration overall:

  • Real-Time bi-direction integration
  • Automatic backround synchronization, No Clicking Required!
  • Real-Time Inventory Qty check ability
  • Real-Time or queued Order submissions
  • Real-Time or queued Customer Sign ups
  • Item synchs able to handle unlimited items. Unlike others, our synch actually works, even with clients having over 70,000 items.
  • All Customers, orders, and items are loaded initially by our staff as part of your setup. Then they are kept in synch automatically. With others, online shoppers may not see orders and payments made directly in quickbooks, but they will with IA Modules.
  • Class and Sales Rep tracking
  • Built-in web based sales interface with live connection back to QuickBooks. Perfect for remote view/add/edit of QuickBooks customers and orders.

Order features

  • Simple one page checkout.
  • Real-time or queued submissions
  • Save as Sales Orders, Invoices, Pending Invoices or Estimates*
  • Marked with Sales Rep / Employee which you can specify from your QuickBooks lists. This can be dynamically set based on your storefronts default choice, inbound links carrying a specific rep's code (for affiliate marketing), or even by a coupon.
  • Marked with Sales Class from your QuickBooks List. This can help you use in QB reports broken up by QB Class to see orders coming from multiple sources and/or storefronts.
  • Order line descriptions show how much a customer may have saved with a coupon or special price, re-inforcing the savings to the shopper and helping you keep track as well.
  • Order reciepts (customizable templates) are emailed to store admin and customer and presented at the end of the 1 page checkout process.
  • Customers/drop shippers can override shopper default ship to address easily per order on checkout form
  • Customers can enter order related notes saved to the order memo field.
  • You can require customers to agree to specific terms and conditions.
  • Customers can optionally or be forced to enter PO#
  • Customers can optionally or be forced to enter Due Date
  • Tracking Email automatically sent to the shopper when tracking number is entered in QuickBooks. It's made to automatically pickup the tracking number as entered by the most common QB shipping add on tools like worldship, shiprush and shipgear. It's also customizable to more easily work with other quickbooks integrated shipping tools you may have.

Item features

  • NEW! Personalization Module (NEW) gives you the ability to create lists of options and items for shoppers to additional choose from in order to customize products.
  • Product Variants like size, color, material support
  • Product variation auto match. Storefront software will automatically group your QB POS style sets.
  • NEW! For QB Pro/Pre/Ent based clients, AutoMatch wizards guess your variation items, group them for you, and present them and their key fields in an editable format all together.
  • Unlimited Categories and depths.
  • Wizards make managing tens of thousands of products effortless
  • Assign one primary and multiple secondary categories for an item to appear in, increasing visibility and the likelyhood shoppers can easily find items.
  • Wizards for managing featured product list, best seller list, and new products list.
  • Ability to have up to 4 image sets of swatch, thumbnail, standard and hi resolution pictures.
  • QB Item Name/Number and Description used by default to minimize your work, but all possible qb fields including custom fields are able to be displayed online to meet your needs.
  • Alias Name, if supplied, overrides QB name for display to shoppers
  • Alias Short Description, if supplied, overrides QB description for display to shoppers
  • Use HTML or plain text long descriptions
  • 5 bullet points fields
  • Assign related/cross-sell products

Customers features

  • Username / Password security.
  • Customers Initially uploaded from QuickBooks and given usernames and passwords which can be easily emailed to them by the system with one click.
  • Customers added in QuickBooks are automatically added to the online store.
    Customer Sign ups and modifications are emailed (customizable templates) to store admin and customer.
  • Customer history portal shows orders made on the store and those entered/modified in QuickBooks.
  • Customers can also create live statements online
  • New Customer sign ups can be automatically assigned a sales rep
  • Option for randomized passwords for all new customers until identity or qualification can be confirmed. Perfect for wholesalers/distributors.
  • Customers can retrieve passwords online if you allow it.

Inventory features

  • Full bi-directional automatic synch loads new items into store. and updates existing items
  • Simply assign a category to one or many items to make that product for sale, searchable and browseable.
  • Real-Time Check option to limit shoppers to available qty
  • Limit qty to Qty On Hand less Qty On Sales Orders
  • Hide/Show out of stock items
  • Show multiple Qty levels or in stock/out of stock/backorder

Pricing features

  • 10 additional item specific price classes in addition the QuickBooks sales price
  • Percentage markups or markdowns per store, per customer, and per item
  • Coupon discounts for specific items/categories
  • Quantity discount pricing
  • Prices (and anything else) can be hidden until users login. Perfect for wholesalers/distributors.

Shipping features

  • New Shipping Rule Manager Module allows you to build your own custom rules easily!
  • New Free Shipping Item Excluder lets you exclude certain items from Free Shipping qualification!
  • Assign product weights per item. Automatic assupmtion of 1 lb saves time.
  • Specify items to ship seperate.
  • Specify shipping & handling fees per item.
  • Specify special shipping fees to be used.
  • Specify items that should not be ship rate quoted at all.
  • Real time multi package online rate query estimates in combination or in place of your own custom rules
  • Ability to list standard, next day and other rates.
  • Free shipping option if order exceeds minimum specified value.
  • Local Pickup option.
  • Specify QuickBooks item to assign shipping fees to.
  • Ability to customize quickly and affordably by request (ex: free delivery to a finite list of zip codes and/or other conditions)

Payments features

We have several payments options to suit your needs. Typically wholesalers prefer to take orders and invoice later for payment by check or perhaps collecting CC info into QuickBooks but not running credit card at time of the order. Retailers often require running credit cards immediately.

  • Choose to offer payment by other means than a credit card.
  • Automatically offer shoppers the same terms you have them set for in QuickBooks!You can chooe default terms, allowed terms and more to fine tune this customer freinddly and time saving behavior.
  • Instead of instantly running cards, you can optionally Save CC#s to QuickBooks for later processing and future refrence. Ideal for recurring billing or partial billling.
  • Run credit cards live
  • Built in Hook to QuickBooks Merchant Services
  • Built-in hook to Verisign
  • Built-in hook to Authorize.net
  • Use CVV2 and other fields for security
  • Automatic recording of successful online payments to QuickBooks.

Promotion features

  • Built in Search Engine Optimizations
  • Newsletter module sends an unlimited number of individual emails
  • Easy exports for major shopping sites
  • Search engine and Pay Per Click service available
  • Built in statistics package
  • Add you own monitoring or statistics package.
  • Add your choice of live chat programs
  • Product cross sell.
  • Newsletters - Powerful newsletter that uses your QB data to save you time. Allows reuse of customizable templates. Target one or more customers types. Even filter by sales reps.
  • Coupons - Powerful and easy to setup. Set discount %s, categories and items to include and exclude, date ranges, and more.
  • Quantity discount pricing
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