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Multiple Stores increase sales, shopper ease of use & search engine rankings:

  • Operate multiple storefronts with ease from one place, configure items just once.
  • Our application was made to handle multiple storefronts from day one.
  • Improve search engine rankings and exposure by segregating your product lines on specialized sites
  • Allow Sales Reps to promote products on their own branded version of your store effortlessly.
  • Make shopping friendlier to each shopper type with different layouts and automation rules per storefront.

You can add multiple stores with IA Modules for only $50 per month or $500 per year. No setup fee nor any other additional fees. Pricing reduces if you do more. Stores can have a completely independent set of options/behaviors, IP, domain name, customized template set, email template set and more.

Have you seen 'multi site discounts' advertised on other sites? Well, those discounts are to cover up the fact that they cannot operate multiple storefronts. If you ask them "i want to sell differnt items on three stores, but some items are the same. Will i have to set them up three times and maintain them and synch up with them three times?". Often they are simply reducing your cost, not your workload. With competitors you may have to pay to setup, host and support each store! Some even charge your to copy data and files! If you had three stores, as data changes (items, customers, etc) you'll be copying data every day or synching to three servers all the time. This is because they don't share a database and are not engineered from the start as a multi store front solution like IA Modules eCommerce. Even with steep discounts, others don't come close given the huge workloads and relatively minor discounts they actually offer.

Scenario 1: Improved Search Engine Rankings with specialized sites

You sell many different products in a competetive categories.
Multiple storefronts allow you to feature different lines of products on each storefront's home page.
Each store will likely rank higher in search engines on those products thana mega site without that focus, and rightly so. Search engines are about relevancy more than anything these days. A site about 20,000 pet products won't rank as well as a site just about fish products given a search for that type of item and other factors being equal.

Scenario 2: Improve sales and strengthen relationships by building a reseller network

You have sales reps and/or customers that are interested in selling your products for a commission. Products on their store are already categorized and updated as your main site is updated reducing work for you and them. Work and communication are eliminated because their store is tied in to your systems.
They will have:

  • control to design and brand their own store
  • choose which products to highlight
  • adjust pricing markup of products on their site
  • promote to their customers
  • manage their customers
  • Reports in our system and in QuickBooks easily breakdown sales and commissions.

Scenario 3: Improve interaction with different types of customers

You have wholesale and retail customers. Do wholesale customers order products consumers never would (like display stands) ? Give terms and allow check payment for resellers? Do you always want consumers charged the residential delivery charge? Do you need to qualify customers before purchasing? Do you want a better opportunity than your competitors to negotiate pricing with prospective repeat reseller buyers? Do you wish customers were automatically segregated for easier marketing? Even slight differences between two sites will dramatically help solve these issues. With two sites you can address these issues and improve shopper experience, increase sales, improve reports, extend your pricing options, improve shipping rate accuracy, and save you more time. Here are some typical solutions multiple stores allow:

  Wholesale Site Consumer Site
Extend pricing options Show your standard QB Price Show a price with a global markup %
Categories Show additional categories Restrict non consumer categories
Protect yourself Accept signups but require approval prior to shopper log in. Shoppers could be shown your terms and policies and that you will contact them shortly. Collect Tax ID info, validate the buyer, determing terms, specify discounts, and approve shopper for login. Allow customers to register and checkout immediately.
Payment Options Allow checkout on terms, or only record Credit Card info for future billing Require Credit card info and run immediately
Improve shopper experience These are shoppers that want to repeatedly buy multiple items and get back to work. Speed ordering by showing products with minimal graphics in a category in a list and allowing multiple items to be added to the cart in one click. These are less informed shoppers that want to spend more time selecting the right item. Show bigger images and more information in a thumbnail gallery.
Complex sales Provide coupons for promotions or sales specific to this customer type. Allow wholesale customers to stock up on items at a discount before consumers get the discount promotions. Provide independant coupons for promotions or sales specific to this customer type at different rates and time periods.
Marketing Marked automatically as wholesale customers by the store, easily send newsletters to only these customers about products and sales easily. Marked automatically as consumer customers by the store, easily send newsletters to only these customers about products and sales easily.
Improve reports Filter QB Sales Reports to the Wholesale store sales rep and/or class which the store automatically sets for you Filter QB Sales Reports to the Retail store sales rep and/or class which the store automatically sets for you
Improve shipping rate accuracy Offer different shipping calculations and options Specify an additional default residential delivery charge
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