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30x faster page speed than competitors!
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A slow site can affect your sales and page rank!

That's why we've engineered our solution for speed.

You could be losing sales and not even know it. Many sites seem fast until there's more than one shopper at which point they can slow to a crawl, taking 40 seconds to process and return a page. By then, your shopper is long gone and your marketing efforts wasted. Your sites speed is also a key page ranking factor on search engines such as Google. This means faster sites are not only better for sales but also earn you better positioning in search engines for your top keywords.

Fast pages mean BIG SALES

Promotions and marketing work great IF your store can deliver fast pages for each and every shopper request.

Slow pages can mean 40% more abandonment and 70% less conversion.

IA loads pages 30 seconds faster than competitors
when subjected to a 2 page req/sec workload.

With IA you'll enjoy more successful marketing results:

  • All shoppers getting fast pages, not just some. Consistently fast pages, even under load.
  • Much lower bounce rate
  • Conversion Rate Increase

30x faster than competitors!

IA's tuned virtual servers quickly deliver cart pages even during peak traffic typical during promotions.

The following charts show how fast each system handled two requests a second from shoppers for category pages.

You deserve a fast site for ALL your hard earned leads and that's what our solution delivers.

With IA you'll enjoy:

  • A library of fast loading templates for almost every need.
  • Wizards to optimize your images properly.
  • Tuned virtual servers taking advantage of the latest technology.
JMeter Load Tests
(2 hits / sec)
IA PDG Network Solutions
MAX Shopper wait time HTML tags (in seconds) 0.5 15.7 7.6
MAX Shopper wait time HTML Page AND images, CSS, JS (in seconds) 2.80 32.46 46.50
Hosting technology Virtual Dedicated Shared Shared
Cart technology Oracle/Sun Java & JSP PHP ASP

30x more power under the hood!

This test shows the cart's speed just to generate and send the complete HTML of a typical 20 item category page.

IA handled ALL requests in .5 seconds or less.

IA easily handles 2 requests per second load.

Competitors sharply degrade, leaving some shoppers waiting over 15 seconds just for the HTML tags.

Complete pages download 30 times faster!

We repeated the test, but this time images, CSS and JS were downloaded as well as HTML.

Our solution delivers each shopper a complete page in under 3 seconds. Competing solutions take over 40 seconds! We don't think you want your shoppers to wait THAT long.

With IA you'll also enjoy:

  • Increased Sales While Simplifying Workflow
  • Attract More Shoppers with Search Engine Optimized Product Pages
  • Increased Sales Conversion Rates & Pages Views / Decreased Visitor Bounce Rate

Increased visibility in search engines!

Google Says:

"Faster sites create happy users and we've seen in our internal studies that when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there. But faster sites don't just improve user experience; recent data shows that improving site speed also reduces operating costs. Like us, our users place a lot of value in speed ? that's why we've decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings."
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