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Get a complete solution for a low monthly fee.

For just $80/mo ($1000 annual plan), our standard level plan gets you into a complete ecommerce solution with QB sync and VPS hosting (big upgrade over shared hosting). Rackspace's Zero Downtime network on 24 cpu core servers with Raid 10 disk drives. Cart technology is the Oracle Java Enterprise Edition technology platform, the highest performance technology which all the major sites run on.


Fantastic Value

A simple relative comparison really helps clients understand the value delivered by IA.

Comparing empty RackSpace VPS to IA eC VPS hosted by Rackspace

  • $175/mo: cost of an empty RackSpace managed RedHat linux VPS with 1GB ram.
  • For $192/mo cost, ($13 more) IA offers a 1GB RackSpace hosted 1GB RAM VPS WITH our complete eC platform and support
  • The empty Rackspace VPS at $175/mo is limited to just one virtual CPU core for all your processing needs.
  • on IA your cart has access to up to 8 vCPUs for much faster performance when needed!

Compared other eC solutions, IA is usually half the total true cost!

  • Starting at $80/mo cost, IA offers complete solutions with a cart that can sync with QB and in a top VPS hosting and with support!
  • most other solutions dont include the qb sync part or the hosting part.
  • some charge hidden fees and % of sales,but not IA.
  • Most competitors, after adding in the missing parts, actually cost 2-4 times more than IA complete & qb integrated solution!
  • To see, just add up all your year one costs and divide by 12. ( 1yr quality hosting, cost to buy/rent cart, additional support plan fee, cost QB sync app if needed plus its support plan ). In most cases it will be $199 to $299/mo avg cost!

All plans include:

  • QB Sync: Intuit Gold certified sync system
  • Shopping Cart and control panel designed for QB and QB POS
  • PCI-DSS Managed Virtual Dedicated Server hosted by RackSpacetm
  • Phone, chat & email support plus remote desktop help!
  • 24x7 monitoring and restarts support
  • Fully Customizable XSL/CSS/QBXML Templates
  • Free Template library
  • Cart Software updates with features driven by clients
  • Real RAM dedicated to you and your apps, not swap space
  • Free and unlimited upload & sync bandwidth
  • Automatic nightly backups, 14 day retention
  • Host Wordpress, Bulletin boards and more on your server, no extra fee
  • Private mail server with Spam assasin Anti-Spam
  • Free Newsletters wizard and sender
  • Discounted Comodo Pro SSLs
  • FREE 1Yr EV SSL Upgrade (green bar in browser)

Scalable to your business needs

Memory --- 512MB 768MB 1024MB
Items --- 15,000 100,000 500,000
Outbound Bandwidth --- 20GB 40GB 100GB
Disk Space --- 10GB 20GB 40GB
Sync with QB Pro Pre Enterprise Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sync with QB Point of Sale Yes No Yes Yes
Cost $50.00/mo

Interested? Contact us

We've helped thousands of ecommerce sites effortlessly sell online and can give experienced high quality answers to all your questions.

Which plan is right for you?

  • Standard Plan is popular with typical small business with a moderate number of items and moderate traffic.
  • Gold Plan is right for you if you need to sync lots of changes and often, have steady traffic and want all those surfers to have fast page speed. Its also needed for some of the advanced features IA offers like QB Price Levels, Virtual Assembly Quantity, real time syncs and more.
  • Platinum Plan is the right choice when your needs exceed the Gold plan:
    • usually because you are getting high peaks of traffic
    • perhaps from daily 50,000+ user email marketing lists, as an example
    • You want to reduce abandoned carts by giving 8 hour session lengths to users so the cart is still full even when they have not logged in.
  • For needs beyond the Platinum plan, contact us. additional GBs of RAM and outbound bandwith can be priced, approx $60/mo per GB of RAM and $1/mo per GB outbound over the Platinum plan limit.


Standard Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
which is right for you?
Average traffic, good page speed Higher traffic, ultra fast pages in Alexa top 10% fastest site range, advanced features like QBPriceLevels and On-the-Fly assembly items, extended session times Extreme speed for busy online stores with large item cataloges, extra powerful tuning and optimization options, extra long 8hr session timeouts (vs std 30m), multiple online storefronts

Design Services - We can help a little, or convert your entire site.

$75 per hour. We provide estimates up front at no charge. Typical design time ranges from 5 hours for simpler sites common to wholesalers and those wanting to get a professional site up quickly, to 15-20 hours for more elaborate designs. Site designs can typically be completed in 1-4 weeks largely depending on your ability to provide input and resources and the site's complexity. You will also enjoy conversing directly with the native US based IAM Staff designer assigned to you.

$125 per hour Priority Service. We now offer 24 hour response time to begin your design request work. Have a design task critical to your business that needs to get done rapdily? Under the gun to launch your site on a very rapid timeline? Our priority service level will expedite the completion of your work and guarantee a minimum number of hours, per day or per week, to meet your need.


Development Services - Need something special?

$150 per hour. While we many built in features and frequently update all servers with new feature updates, in some cases custom development may be desired. This may be to expedite a feature scheduled for much later release, to customize a component like the shipping calculator logic, or to develop a new feature not highly desired by our general customer base.


SSL Certificates

$125 for 1 year Comodo Pro SSLs. (discounted to $99 for annual plan clients)
$199 for 2 year Comodo Pro SSLs.



Please note that service work including, but not limited to, setup and training, monthly hosting and support, SSL certificate purchases, and design services are not typically refundable. All efforts will be made to ensure your satisfaction.


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