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Shopping Carts for QuickBooks Pro & QuickBooks Premier

The Best of Everything Combined Into One Solution

QuickBooks Integration: - Unparalleled QuickBooks integration that is interwoven into every facet of the store. Numerous built in options tailor the system to your business and clientele.

Sell More - Multiple Storefronts, Search Engine Optimization, Coupon Codes, and Shipping Promotions help you attract and convert new customers.

Design Flexibility: - Industry standard HTML, CSS, XSLT, and JavaScript facilitates professionals in rapidly achieving a custom look combined with detailed access to QuickBooks data.

Feature Rich: - Support for multiple pricing levels, quantity discounts, shipping promotions, Pricing Security, Customer Signup Approval and much more....


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Start out the right way with the most integrated and quickbooks user focused e commerce company as your partner.Tight integration from the start saves you more time so you can focus on growing your business faster.Expose your products to new marketplaces and be at the top of the search engines.


  • Support tens of thousands of items
  • Image resizer makes quick work of image tasks
  • Wizards designed to make setup of large numbers of items quick and easy
  • Image wizard to resize and optimize your images quickly
  • Robust Virtual Private Servers for enterprise class performance and security
  • Ability to scale performance as needed
  • Rackspace Hosting for the ultimate in reliability and uptime
  • Easy shipping and backorder support Sales Orders
  • Dreamweaver integration - XSL Design layer
  • Design - Easy access and layout for all data fields including custom fields
  • Support and savings running multiple online stores

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Rapidly launch in just a few days with our setup and training service. On Day 1, we setup your server and synch program and synchronize the data for you. Day 2 you are trained via a phone and web meeting with a IAM QB+eC expert. Enjoy the the benefits of the tightest integration for QuickBooks... supported by a staff uniquely dedicated 100% to QuickBooks users. Other companies often misrepresent the level of integration they offer (as well as their familiarity with QuickBooks), if any, leaving you high and dry after alot of effort! IA Modules offers you alot more than just a shopping cart, including the most knowledgeable QuickBooks support and development staff you will find anywhere.
  1. Start better - We know you probably don't have alot of time nor an on staff technician. We do the setup work, initial synchronization, and then train you on your system to ensure a minimum of fuss for you.
  2. Configure better - wizards and reports make it far easier to get the same task done than in a generic non QuickBooks focused platform.
  3. Design better - Very flexible and made forQuickBooks data
  4. Works better - Our integration is not just made to put stuff in QB. Its made to do it properly and in a reliable fashion, so you really do save time.
  5. Supported better - Our support staff is extremely well versed in QuickBooks best practices. As a complete provider, just contact us and we can help you with your synch program, your server, your storefront, your design, the whole stack! You won't have to call 4 different companies and consultants to get a simple problem solved, as is often the case elsewhere.

$83/mo (annual plan)

    • Virtual dedicated server
    • Rackspace hosting
    • Pro SSL certs
    • Cart & Updates
    • QB Synch
    • Support


How It Works:

Integrate - Day 1 IAM Support setups up synch software, virtual private server, synchronizes data and more...

    • QuickBooks integration automatically synchronizes orders, payments, items and inventory levels, customers, tax codes and more
    • Synchronize on demand by clicking a button or automatically at intervals of your choice.
    • Supports unlimited number of items
    • IAM understands your items types (like inventory and service types) and display & handle them accordingly
    • Automatically show up to date price and availablity for each Item and each style variation (different sizes/attributes may have different costs and availability)
    • Easy shipping and backorder support via QuickBooks "Sales Orders"
    • Records payments as deposits with card type

Configure - Day 2 IAM per customer tailored training ( phone and web meeting with instructor )

    • Categorize items, many at a time, into one primary category and many secondary categories
    • Easy picture setup with our Image Resizer Wizard designed for QB users
    • Eliminate image setup work - Supports batch scaling and optimization for main item image set and 3 alternate images sets (80% JPEG web optimized and )
    • Faster and easier to use - Management interface and wizards are specifically made for QB users. Get the same tasks like categorization, image setup and more done faster thanks to IA Modules QuickBooks focused Control Panel
    • Spend FAR less time configuring items- IA Modules understands your POS Style sets and configures them automatically!
    • Report to show you which Items require images. Perfect to give to your photographer or use as a working checklist.
    • Optionally configure related cross sell items, bullet points, detailed descriptions, weight and more...

Design - Day 3

    • Multiple menu styles and item templates to choose from for the optimum jump start.
    • Tailor the chosen template set to your needs. Just a couple hours of work by a designer can tailor your site's CSS file, header file, and other key files. Replicate the look of your old website/webstore or implement your new concept.
    • Use Search Engine Optimized designs rank you higher. They automatically and dynamically optimize your pages all the time so you don't have to.
    • Freedom to customize - Editable website design templates via Dreamweaver. Get the professional look with the flexibility to layout QuickBooks data however you may desire. Choose from a variety of templates, customize them, or create your own.
    • Most data access - Full integration offers access to and layout of all QB data fields. You can use and show virtually any QuickBooks item field, unlike many competitors whose generic carts and rigid templates restrict you from achieving what you actually want..

Launch - Day 4

  • You continue to configure items as needed
  • Continue to design as needed
  • Configure your payment gateway: QBMS, Authorize.net, Verisign
  • Test transactions and synching
  • Point over your Domain or Subdomain to our DNS servers. Until then, your current site stays up and your IAM server runs on an IP # only you and we know.
  • Send out a welcome newsletter to your customers using IAM Newsletter feature, informing existing shoppers of their accounts and credentials

We have created several videos and PDFs for you to review and get a more in-depth understanding of our systems, features, and how clients just like you use it.

Videos PDFs Case Studies
  • to be posted soon

For more sites demonstrating our made for qb templates, tight integration and more, please see the featured sites page here.


Have an existing Store?
We make it as easy as possible to convert existing online stores to our QuickBooks integrated system. Many clients come to us from a previous solution which promised QuickBooks integration, and were disappointed by the functionality and technical challenges they faced. Potential customers initial concerns often include the ease of use, startup time, and affordability - see the steps to getting your existing site migrated to IA Modules.

In any case, our template system is very easy to work with, tailor to whatever existing look you already created, and perform seamlessly with QuickBooks. Working with IA Modules, we provide our fully functional, pre-integrated QuickBooks solution to all customers.

After launching a new e-commerce website powered by IA Modules, our customers enjoy the time savings and increased efficiency of features they had only dreamed of!

Creating a new one?
Our QuickBooks focused systems and setup wizards make selling online a breeze. We don't expect our customers to be programming engineers or designers - focus on running your business and not worrying about the technology behind it. IA Modules will setup the necessary software for you, synchronize your products with the online store and get your company online. During one-on-one training, we walk you through the pre-integrated system showing you how to best accomplish your tasks and make the system work for your company.

Explore the examples of other IA Modules powered websites or chat online with our staff to look at stores using storefronts similar to yours. Use your own designer or our staff to help choose the right templates and customize them to suit your business’s needs and tastes. Using examples you provide from other online stores and competitor sites, we can create a site tailored to your needs. For some, the right default template set needs very little work to make it your own and we are happy to help. For those with higher end needs including custom layouts and graphics, or for customers who want to stand out from the crowd, we will quickly provide an accurate detailed quote for you to approve and start creating your site.

For more info, see our design page here.


See key features above and to the right. Also checkout the PDFs and Videos for more coverage.

For more listed features, click here.



IA Modules eCommerce platform has innovative features designed to help you sell more and with little to no effort. Several are described below"

SEO - Our search engine optimized templates take the best information available to construct serach engine friendly URLs to help you rank well without any effort on your part beyond what you already have in QuickBooks. With minor effort, you can further fine tune behavior with fully customizable formulas, selecting and ordering the selected fields to produce the most competetive results possible.

Multi Store - Our innovative multi storefront capabilities let you launch and operate multiple integrated online storefronts from just one QuickBooks file. By segragating product lines across specifically focused online stores, you can increase your relevancy and thus your rankings. Save hundreds or even thousands on Pay Per Click ads while still achieving excellent shopper visibility thanks to better 'organic' (non pay per click) rankings. You can run different promotions, use differenet designs, but in the end...you only setup items once and all storefronts are integrated to save you time.

Newsletter - Our free newsletter tool lets you use the quickbooks customer information you already have, and we keep synchronized, to notify past customers of new products, sales, promotions, coupons, and more. Filters like QB Customer Type filters let you target jsut the clients you want, reusing the quickbooks customer type settings to save you effort.

Froogle and other exports - Its easy to produce export files of your items suitable for sites that list products and where they can be purchased, like froogle.

IA Modules offers:

Tech Specs: Virtual Dedicated Servers at a price others charge for shared server plans. Top notch hosting powered by RackSpace's Zero Downtime network with automatic nightly backups at no charge. If you have more than a few thousand items, competitors may charge you $100 to $200 per month ... and for shared hosting plans which may not even have the power to handle the syncronization and web traffic workload an integrated eCommerce system demands.

Support: Knowledgable US based support staff skilled in eCommerce and QB operations and best practices. Software updates are free so you will always be running the latest most time saving, feature rich, competetive software. Free Support is included as well and offers chat, phone and remote pc support to resolve your issues. Our development staff is always eager to add features our clients demand and always does so in a way that considers how QuickBooks can be leveraged to provide the smoothest operation workflows possible.

For more detailed information on how our packages compare to other solutions, click here.



For the latest pricing on plans and services, please see our pricing page





To sign up, please click below. You'll enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee that INCLUDES the setup and training work so you KNOW our system works for YOU specifically.



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