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Designing Your QuickBooks Integrated Shopping Cart

QuickBooks focused design features

QuickBooks Integration: - QuickBooks speaks XML. XSL is THE technology made for turning XML (data) into things like web pages (product detail page). You have full access to all item fields so you can layout information what, where, how and when you wish.

Free template library - Choose from dozens of template parts for each region of the storefront to get the right layout and business functionality. They are fully editable and free to use.

Design Flexibility: - Industry standard HTML, CSS, XSLT, and JavaScript facilitates professionals in rapidly achieving a custom look combined with detailed access to QuickBooks data.

XSL Technology: - XSL, perfect for styling QB XML, segregates software code and design code into seperate layers. An integral part of MVC architecture, this frees you from having to redo design due to software updates, saving you time and effort.


Design technology and workflow

Get started quickly & easily with our "Made for QuickBooks" templates

Replication Service

Custom Design


Use tools like DreamWeaver, and use open widely accepted technologies perfect for QuickBooks.

Our design framework implements today's best practices and technologies to allow professional designers to rapidly create and easily maintain your online presence.

Design Services
Our in house design staff offers amazingly fast & affordable ($500 avg.) design services. We can help you:

  • Design/Replicate your store layout and graphics
  • Take maximum advantage of features
  • Create additional pages
  • Add specific custom template logic
  • Migrate data from other systems to QuickBooks
  • Maximize sales with Search Engine Optimizations
  • Perform batch image tasks
  • and more...
Powerful and Flexible
  • Framework reduces design & maintenance time
  • Fast FTP access to site files and templates
  • Common HTML regions make basic customization quick & easy
  • World Wide Web Consortium best practices are implemented via HTML, CSS, and XSL.
  • CSS Cascading Style Sheets , allow easy selection of fonts, colors and more for the entire site from one central file.
  • XSL templates allow an easy, yet powerful way of choosing and displaying various data elements the any way you want.
  • Email Templates: HTML and Text for professionally tailored looking email messages

Easy for anyone to customize!
Our two level design methodology allow easy & fast modifications to maintain content and quickly create a customized look by anyone with HTML abilities. Editable HTML pages and a site wide CSS stylesheet allow quick and easy sitewide changes. This is perfect for you if you only want to adjust the copy of about us and contact us type pages, the common header and footer included on all pages, and the colors and fonts used. Emails for every action (Customer Sign-Ups and Changes, Orders, Tracking Emails, Password Recovery) use easy to customize HTML and TXT templates to give your customers that ‘Big Company’ feel. IAM Design staff can handle these changes for you, typically in 5 hours or less.

Sophisticated for the professional designer
Our XSLT layer, based on the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Best Practices for web design, provides more advanced customization allowing you to hide/show/arrange many data fields like weight, vendor name, particular quantities shown, and much more. You can even add specific logic you may require. W3C created the XSLT specification to provide cross platform programming capability to the non-programmer masses that are familiar with HTML but not professional programmers. Editable HTML, TXT, and XSLT files are accessible to you via FTP. We recommend using one of our designers or a professional for this work.

create the perfect site, functionally and cosmetically. Choose from dozens of Search Engine Optimized template parts to create your perfect site from thousands of possibilities and color combinations.




Have a existing design that you like and wish to transfer to our QuickBooks integrated storefront and template set? This is a common request and we can perform this work for you expeditiously and affordably.

Fast Affordable Design Services
Take the default template to a beautiful and professionally tailored look with our affordable and talented designers while you focus on running your business.
Our designers are intimately familiar with our system, it’s and our system’s fields, and how to accomplish your requirements quickly and affordably by drawing on deep experience.
Average design fees are $500 to $1250 for a complete and professionally customized site.

Design Replication Services
Often clients come to us with a graphical concept, pre existing website, or pre existing online store. In many of these cases, the goal is to replicate and reuse the design and graphics to avoid wasted time and work. Our system is specifically focused to allow this to happen in the least amount of time possible. Why does this need to be done at all? Well the simple answer is this: While web designers are readily available and relatively low cost to create a site, creating the software to tightly glue a online store and its many aspects reliably to QuickBooks is a huge undertaking. Thus, for you, making our cart look like the way you desire, whatever that is, is a drop in the bucket compared to making complex software to tie directly into your existing design. Even sophisticated designs can be achieved in 10 to 20 hours of IAM Design staff time. In fact, we have geared our default template set for maximum efficiency to this end.

Have a business need not covered by any of our free template parts? Need a fresh new cosmetic design or maybe just some touchups?



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