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7 of 10 companies that try IA choose IA!

Get more done with us in 2 hours for free than in a week with competitors.

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No Card needed to start. No % of sales fees. No extra apps to pay for.

You get a feature loaded ultra fast & SEO friendly cart with QB integration 2nd to none!
It works with QuickBooks, QB Point of Sale & QB Merchant Service.
You can work with ALL QB item types and QB PriceLevels and more.

Our cart has all features you expect plus many exclusive ones.
Our sync works automatically and even Real-Time. Others don't.
Free trial includes setup and training. Others don't.
Our system lets you run multiple stores. Others can't.
Our solution scales easily. Others won't.
Options & design are deeply integrated with QB. Others aren't.
Leverage QB Customer & Item Custom Data fields, QB price levels for an amazingly automated yet sophisticated storefront.
It's full of easy to use wizards that minimize effort.
Automatic customizable SEO URLs and SEO consulting to grow sales.

No other solution combines what we offer.

Integration & Automation Modules's Shopping Cart eliminates setup hassles and automates away your work to display and sell your products. We set you up, train you, stay with you and offer a complete range of services.

Our goal is to see your store succeed. With our innovative features and expert staff to help leverage them you will become more competitive.

We're Proven and Highly Recommended

Every day clients switch to us because we include a QuickBooks integration that's complete and truly works along with superior hosting and a truly awesome shopping cart. We've recieved the #1 highest score by an independantly selected QuickBooks Pro Advisor, our solution earned Intuit's trusted GOLD certification and is QB Merchant Service integrated as well. Our solution also makes it easy to operate multiple stores to help you sell more at a lower cost.

When combined, NO other solution can say ALL these things.

Instead of choosing the cheapest solutions for maximum profit we choose the best for you and work to make that affordable. We host at rackspace, one of the most expensive and highest quality data centers. We provide virtual servers for scalability and flexibility, not cheaper un-scalable shared hosting even though shared hosting would be cheaper and less work for us. If you don't know the difference, you will when you run ads and promote with Groupon and others and your cart slows and customers 'bounce'. Big name competitor's solutions can't handle the traffic spikes and become 40x slower. We don't send you and your money to poorly trained overseas call centers to sit on hold and be transfered around. Our highly trained 100% US staff is available to provide expert assistance with features, SEO, Design and custom needs

Get a COMPLETE solution with a uniquely dedicated focus to QuickBooks + eCommerce. US Based support + modern & easy to use wizards make setup a breeze. Unlike others, our cart was created and grown on a pure QuickBooks userbase. It's versatile for retailers and wholesalers alike and loaded with features others lack (like running multiple stores, Automatic SEO, product personalization). Say no to companies sending your dollars overseas and selling carts duct taped & spackled to QuickBooks!

Control costs with one low monthly fee that includes hosting, support & updates. To keep things easy for you we include things like instructor training, have 30+ flash tutorial videos and will even remote desktop onto your pc to help in addition to phone, live chat & email ticket support...all often including consulting that others would charge for. Why divert a large sum of capital to buy a cart and deal with all the hidden costs & hassles of hosting, support, updates?

Enjoy a free and always growing library of dynamic template parts (like slide menus others might charge alot for), all meant for QuickBooks users needs, and construct your ideal site. Use our design wizards, engage your own designer, or let our affordable and highly experienced staff assist you.

And, of course, once you launch you'll enjoy all the time you save thanks to our unmatched quickbooks integration and options. You'll get the security & stability of virtual dedicated servers on latest hardware at RackSpace's Zero-DownTime PCI Certified data center, not the cheap & underpowered shared plans others offer on who knows what hardware at who knows what facility.

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