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Is Network Solutions working for you...

             OR are YOU WORKING for NetworkSolutions?

Ask yourself that one question after reading Network Solutions eCommerce plan fine print.

This is a light-hearted yet 'must-read' critique. You will chuckle!

You wouldnt trick your customers the ways you are about to see so why shouldnt super shady advertising should be called out!

network solutions eCommerce shows $19.95/mo in a REALLY BIG font! If you thought it was that price you would be VERY wrong!

After the 1st month its $99.95/mo plus a % of your sales!

TRICKY STUFF! Very small print network solutions hopes you wont read noted by an asterisk that's likely assumed by leads to just mean $19.95 'if you pay a year up front' or somethign like that, right? Its more than five times higher!

Would you pay even 5 times more than that?

Taking almost 1% of your sales & ship fees, you very well might! They take an ADDITIONAL $750 out of EVERY $100,000 of your sales & shipping.

REAL COST TO YOU: $2700 or more per year

Who is working for whom?

Maybe your profits are HUGE and you dont couldnt use that same $$$ to promote YOUR business!
So what magical sauce and innovative features are you get for all that $$$ you will pay them forever?


  • Shared hosting eCommerce, not dedicated server or even dedicated virtual server.
  • 100 email boxes BUT ONLY 5GB of space!
  • It costs nothing to give you 'mail boxes'. It does cost to give you space.
  • Its not that email is a big deal, its just the only impressive number in the whole page, haha
  • Are you starting to see a pattern?
You're supposed to fit your site files, data, and emailboxes in 5GB? Seriously, a few busy shared email boxes can take 5GB! looks like stormy weather and heavy hidden fees ahead.

Experts at what?

Expertise in:
  • Sales trickery, perhaps.
  • Being expensive but 'appearing' affordable.
  • Look generous but be stingy.
  • QB integrated, but not very much. Do you see more than 10 words on QuickBooks? Any details at all?
  • You know what it means when marketers skip/hide details, right?
  • You cant hold their feet to the fire later when the refund manager points to the page, besides, u have no $ left to switch.

NOT so easy to use: 1 hour to setup an item!?!?!

  • They say its easy to use.
  • Ok, why claim labor cost of $299 to setup a few categories and 25 or less items.
  • At $15/hr, that's 20hrs! Almost one hour per item!
  • Sounds more like HARD and SLOW!

EVERY IA CLIENT GETS 2 hour LIVE training session FREE.

  • Our system IS EASY and FAST to use.
  • Dozens of Items are setup in categories with images and a whole lot more!
  • We stand behind it and that's why its FREE part of our FREE TRIAL!
  • We call it our SuperTurboJumperStarter package. Just kidding, we call it "helping you succeed"!
IA is clear, upfront and honest! Just like you are with your customers! No sleezy marketer tactics nor pricing games to fool you.
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